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Hire information

All our hires start with a land briefing, this is where you fill out your details, sign our contract and learn all about our area and the commercial laws our skis are governed by. From here we're ready to head down to the water,  we gear you up in life jackets and if you have hired a go pro we will walk you through our recommendations on how to use it. Once in the water we touch on the basics of riding, we show you the gears and then you're climbing aboard. After a quick demo around our training bubble you're heading out into our 2km square hire area. 

Photos - We snap photos throughout your briefing and of you on the jetskis, they get uploaded daily to our Flickr, follow the link in the ‘Review Us’ tab to access photos from your briefing.

Our skis are commercially registered and there are laws you need to follow while hiring. One law that affects our hirers is the 200 metre distance you need to stay away from everything, this includes other jetskis, at no stage can you get close. Safety is our biggest priority and we have no tolerance on this law.

Our minimum age to be a passenger on a jetski with an adult is 6 years old. Any passenger riding with an adult can still have a drive of the ski under the adults supervision. 16 and 17 year olds can ride alone (not together) with a guardians signature however they can not carry an underage passenger with them. 

*Single riding - Please note the 160kg weight restriction is for doubles, with single riders we need to take into account your ability to pull yourself up onto a ski if you were to fall in, the increased possibility of roll overs and equipment damage, as well as the weather conditions for the day you want to hire. If you weigh more than 120kg please pop into the office to book in.

*Sharing a ski - Please note our skis have a weight restriction, this is to protect you and the equipment. The maximum combined weight we will allow is 160kg however it is also subject to our approval, on days where we have a swell in the hire area we may only allow single riders and may advise against taking small children. This is always decided with your best interests at heart, we will not send you out if we believe the experience will be unenjoyable.

IMPORTANT- A thorough understanding and use of English is required. Legally we need you to understand our briefing and what our contract contains. If we can not have a conversation with you in English, you will not be allowed to ride.

IMPORTANT- You need to be able to swim. We remain in our office and only assist in the hire area if the need arises, if you were to fall in you need to be able to swim to climb back aboard your jetski.

What we supply:

Life jackets.

Sunglass straps.


Waterproof bags for you to take small personal belongings out with you (phones + cameras). There is a glove box on the jetski which is water resistant for you to place belongings in.

Watches - each ski has a watch to keep track of time. 

Storage of personal belongings (backpacks, etc)

What we hire:

We offer Go Pro hire in addition to your jetski. Each Go Pro is fitted with a 16GB memory card, a handle, float, a wrist strap, and a strap that connects to your life jacket. At the end of your hire, one of our team will assist in the removing of SD card and place it in a container with a chip reader for you to keep. The cost is $30.00 per Go Pro. Go Pros are subject to availability on the day of your hire, if you would like to reserve one please call ahead of your hire time. 


30 minute jetski hire

$95.00 per ski. 

Our 30 minute hire is great for first timers and families with 2 small children. We allow the following combinations of passengers for 30 minutes.


Single rider.

2 adults (can ride together or swap the ski over at half time).

1 adult + 1 child.

1 adult + 2 children (depending on size small children may ride at the same time or we may advise you do a 15 minute swap out).


60 minute jetski hire

$175.00 per ski.

Our 60 minute hire is great for families with multiple children and groups who wish to share the driving.

Please note we will not have more than a combination of 6 riders per hour period.

We advise against excessive change outs due to the time lost coming in from the hire area for us to assist.

We allow the following combinations of passengers for 60 minutes. 


Single rider.

2 adults (can ride together or swap the ski over at half time).

4 adults (2 passengers head out for 30 minutes, swap over with the remaining 2 passengers for the last 30 minutes).

6 adults (each couple gets 20 minutes).

1 adult + 4 children (each child has 15 minutes).

3 adults + 3 children (20 minutes per adult +  child).


Ready to get out on the water?