Frequently Asked Questions

We've combined the questions we get asked most often to make your Jetski experience seamless and worry free. 
If you have any additional questions please get in touch.

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Do I need previous experience or a licence?

Here with us you don't need experience or a jetski licence to ride. The skis are commercially registered and as such it's our responsibility to make sure everyone follows the appropriate laws. We deliver a thorough safety briefing and you won't leave the shore until you're confident and we're confident of your capabilities. It is incredibly easy to pick up and we're there every step of the way to assist you. 

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What is the minimum age to ride a jetski?

Our minimum age to be a passenger on a jetski with an adult is 6 years old. Any passenger riding with an adult can still have a drive of the ski under the adults supervision. 16 and 17 year olds can ride alone with a guardians signature however they can not carry an underage passenger with them. 

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How do I get my Go Pro footage?

Simple, when you hire one of our go pros you will get to keep the 16GB SD card. After you return to the office, one of our team members will remove the card and place it in a container with a chip reader. Then all you have to do is load it onto your computer and remember to share with us using the hashtags #jetskihiremagneticisland #thisismagneticisland. 

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Where can I ride the ski?

Our skis are licensed to operate within Horseshoe Bay, this means you can't leave Horseshoe, we need to be able to see you at all times. Our hire area is roughly 2km square and while we have to keep away from boats and protected marine areas inside the bay we assure you there's plenty of space to cruise around and try manage some hook turns.



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Is there rules for hiring jetskis?

Yes of course, the skis are commercially registered and there are laws you have to follow for your safety. The biggest one is the 200 metre distance you need to stay from everything, this includes other jetskis so if you're part of a big group you will need to know you have to keep your distance from each other, at no stage can you get close. Safety is our biggest priority and we have no tolerance on this law, jet skiing is a lot of fun but it can also be dangerous, we have systems in place to ensure all our hirers are safe and have an amazing time on the water. 

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Are the booking times online the only times we can hire a jetski?

All our sessions are bookable online (excluding Christmas holidays, please see following note), however we may schedule larger groups earlier in the day and we may not have all 6 of our skis marked available everyday. If the time or day you want is unavailable we always recommend calling to have a chat to see if we can accomodate you, online bookings close 8 hours prior to each session so if you're looking to get out on the water that day, definitely call to book. Our first brief starts at 10.00 and every hour on the hour we begin another briefing. The time we close depends on the season, our last brief is normally 3.00 however in Summer holidays we may start a brief at 4pm (this depends on tides, fuel and a few other factors). It's really important to book in for the afternoon hires as we sometimes need to prioritise maintenance and servicing and we may need to close earlier.  

Please note, over Christmas holidays only half of our sessions are bookable online and only 3 skis. During these holidays we run a brief every 45 minutes and allow a lot of flexibility for walk ins, we also run all 6 of our jetskis (meaning 5 can go out at a time), we recommend booking in advance as this is our busiest season of the year and it always books out. Please call if booking online is not suitable for you.